Moving: DIY or Hire a Pro?

moving houseThe moving industry has come up with a variety of options to move your belongings, most of which I briefly touched upon last week. However, what it really boils down to is whether or not you want to do it yourself or pay for movers. Also known as the classic tradeoff between time and money.

Let’s be honest, it can be expensive to move your belongings. Moving equipment such as boxes, dollies and furniture pads must be taken into consideration as well as man power. Hiring movers may be the easiest solution. But, if money is a concern of yours, DIY may be the most cost-effective option in the long run. Before you make any rash decisions, carefully consider your circumstances.

Hiring movers

The idea behind hiring movers is that you relinquish much of the moving job to the professionals. The movers are responsible for packing your furniture, appliances and belongings. They transport these items to your new location and unload them from the truck. Full-service movers can even ship your car too. Having said that, the benefits of hiring movers can be tremendous. For instance, you don’t have to pack or lift a single box!

Drawbacks of hiring movers

The drawback of hiring movers is that there are frauds in the moving industry. Therefore, it’s extremely important to shop around for the right moving company. Be sure to check for credentials and perform reference checks. Secondly, relinquishing control means that your belongings are no longer in your possession. For those who like to be in control, this can be a major drawback.

The costs

The cost of hiring movers versus moving yourself can be extreme. In most states, you are charged hourly and per mover. Traveling out of state? You will want to factor in gas and travel too. Depending on where you’re relocating, you may want to consider renting a moving truck.

DIY move

If you decide to take the do-it-yourself option, you will certainly save money. However, your move may take more time and effort. If you’re moving a small home or apartment DIY is the most cost-effective option on the market. All you have to do is shop around for a local supplier with the best vehicle and price for your needs. Also, plan a couple days for moving. This includes packing, travel and unpacking your belongings.

Benefits of DIY

The DIY option will allow you to be a little more relaxed about your schedule. Another benefit is that you won’t have to pay movers to load and unload your truck. Ask a couple friends and family to help you out for day. Supply them with pizza, drinks and you’re good to go!

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Packing vs. Shipping: How to Move Your Possessions

America's Moving Adventure


Moving can require a lot of time and effort, especially if you are moving long distance. However, the good news about relocating is that you have options. For example, you can have your possessions shipped or you can rent a moving truck, in which case you will have to pack your items yourself. With a little research, you can carefully figure out which option is going to be the best for you.

Conventional Movers

Hiring a moving company to relocate your items is an option. Movers typically have specialized moving equipment like dollies and convertible hand trucks that can accommodate all sorts of items. Therefore, one advantage of hiring conventional movers is that they come prepared with both the gear and the manpower. However, a disadvantage is that movers can charge additional fees for heavy or large items. If you choose to hire full-service movers, make sure to tell the company about all your items—big and small—beforehand.

Rent a Truck

If you are looking for a cost-effective, convenient and flexible way to move yourself, renting a moving truck is another great option. However, renting a truck will require you to do all of your own packing. If you think you can handle that, call around for quotes on both trailers and moving trucks. The advantage of renting a moving truck is that you have one hundred percent control over your move. But the disadvantage of renting a truck is that it will require you to purchase insurance, moving equipment, boxes, and other packing materials.

Cargo Shipping

General Cargo Ship: ONEGO MERCHANT Port of TyneAnother option for moving day is to ship your items. Shipping your items has a couple of benefits. First, you don’t have to transport the possessions yourself. This will allow you to fly or drive your vehicle to the new location. Another benefit is that shipping is versatile, which means you can use cargo services to transport your items by air, sea or rail. The best part is that it usually only takes a week or less to get delivered. The disadvantage of cargo shipping is that it can be quite costly. You often have to pay by pound when shipping most heavy objects.

Portable Moving Containers

Moving in a portable storage container is a great option, especially if you will require storage during your relocation. A portable moving container is similar to a traditional storage unit, but with a couple added benefits. For example, a portable moving container can be moved from place to place. When you are ready to move, a company will pick it up and take it directly to your new residence. The second advantage is that you can store your items at the new location for as long as you would like. The disadvantage of using a portable moving container is that it can get pricey depending on how long you will require storage.

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The Benefits of Portable Storage Solutions

Large metal storage unitThe words “moving” and “storage” often go hand-in-hand. If you’re in the market for storage, consider a portable storage solution. It’s the easiest way to store and move your stuff. And it’s super convenient too!

Portable storage solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are easy to load and unload and require minimal moving equipment. Portable storage solutions can prove to be beneficial when selling your home, moving your home or office, home or business renovations, and much more. Here are the benefits of using portable storage solutions:

Portable Storage is Flexible

Portable storage is well, portable, which means the storage company will deliver a storage unit to you. This can be incredibly beneficial for saving both time and money. Another advantage of using a portable storage solution is that you can arrange for the company to move the unit to another location. Most storage companies can adapt to your particular needs. When you are ready to make the transition, just let your storage company know.

Easy and Convenient Access

You can access your contents easily. Because your storage unit is delivered to you, there is no need to travel lengthily distances to a storage unit in order to retrieve items. It’s also a convenient way to store your furniture during a renovation project.

Free Moving Truck

A portable storage solution will save you the hassle of renting a moving truck. The storage company will deliver and move the storage unit for you. Therefore, you will never have to rent a moving truck or trailer to get your belongings from one location to another.

Affordable Leasing Agreements

The fees for portable storage solutions are also quite affordable. Depending on how long you will need the unit for, most rental agreements can be negotiated for almost any length of time. Most storage companies work on a month-to-month basis. However, they will work with you and your particular financial needs.

Safe and Secure

Safely store your belongings right outside your house. Whether you’re planning a big move or home renovation project, a portable storage solution is a weatherproof and secure way to store your belongings. Most portable storage solutions come with a lock that can only be accessed by the leaser.

Great For Business Too

Need a place to store inventory? Portable storage solutions are perfect for your business storage needs too. Just like your home, storage units are delivered right to your business. This will provide ample access to your seasonal or surplus inventory. If you decide to renovate your office, a portable storage unit is a convenient way to store your office furniture too.

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Major Steps to Consider When Building a Tool Shed

Garden ShedBuilding a tool shed can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, but it completely depends on how much time and effort you feel like putting into it. The storage space that you can get from a tool shed is invaluable, and if you have the opportunity to build a shed, you absolutely should. But before anything else, follow these major steps to building the best tool shed you can.

Choose the location

Location, location, location! Where you decide to build your shed is a very important part of the process. Depending on what you’re planning on storing in your shed, this could require closer placement to your house for security purposes or further away from your home. Also look at factors such as how large your yard is and whether or not it’s fenced in. Finally, you need to think about what the shed will look like in terms of design and congruency with your home.

Check with officials

Before you start building, you have to check in with city building codes. The sooner you do this, the better! If you live in a development with HOA fees, you also need to check in with officials in your community to see if this is allowed. Many communities like this have strict rules against building additional properties and if you don’t receive permission, you could see some serious repercussions. Don’t assume you can build whatever you want whenever you want, first and foremost, check with officials to see if this is even possible.

Plan electrical needs

A major question that might be asked by officials is in regards to your electrical needs. Do you see the need for any electricity in your tool shed? If you plan on doing anything with electric drills or electric saws, you will definitely need to hire an electrician to review your options.

Create materials list

If you’re going to be doing the handy work to build the tool shed yourself, do you have all of the appropriate tools that are necessary? Have you gone over the pricing for how much it’ll cost to put up siding or roofing? Make a list of everything from framing boards to door locks to estimate the total costs of this project so you can begin budgeting for it now, rather than later!

Define storage layout

When it comes to the interior of the tool shed, this part needs the most detailed, careful preparation. The layout is critical in making sure this tool shed can operate the way you want it to. Plan the way you’ll store your tools and what types of materials you’ll need for organizational purposes. This includes peg boards, rake holders, work benches and even plastic cabinets, all of which can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

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Manage Your Move With This Checklist

Moving dayUndoubtedly, moving can be stressful. Every belonging and piece of your life is picked up and then transported somewhere that was previously foreign to you. Add kids and pets to the equation and you have a recipe for chaos. Having said that, it can be quite difficult to remember everything that needs to get done on moving day.

Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of things you might forget:

Day before the move

•    Get keys to your new home or apartment ahead of time. Or, make arrangements for the landlord or real estate broker to meet you at the new place. This will ensure that you are able to get into your new place on moving day.

•    The night before the move, print directions to your new address. This will save you a huge headache, if ever you were to hit traffic or get lost the day of. If you are hiring a moving company, give them a copy of these directions too.

•    Pack a suitcase for each member of your family. Each suitcase should include a change of clothes, toiletries and any medications. Keep these suitcases separate from your moving boxes so that they will be easy to find. If you have pets, include enough food and water for them to get through a couple days.

•    Charge your cell phone the night before. Place a cell phone charger in your purse or backpack. Chances are your new place doesn’t have a phone already hooked up. Therefore, you will want a charged phone on hand in case you have to contact movers, friends or family throughout the move.

On moving day

•    Pack plenty of snacks and water for the day. Moving requires a lot of energy. Therefore, you’ll need plenty of healthy snacks to keep you and your helpers energized. Include plenty of protein bars, fruits and veggies to make it throughout the day.

•    Double-check all rooms and closets of your old home to ensure that no belongings have been forgotten. Then take a quick walk in your backyard for objects that shouldn’t be left behind.

•    Make sure all windows are closed and doors locked. You may want to leave your keys in the mailbox, depending upon the landlord or real estate broker’s request. Don’t forget to include any hidden or spare keys.

•    Keep a list of emergency contact numbers on hand. This will be helpful should anything go awry.

Moving can be dreadful, but with a little organization you can reduce the amount of stress for you and everyone involved. Following this checklist will put your mind at ease when the details of a big move begin to overwhelm you. Good luck!

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