How to Pack Up Your Kitchen

moving your kitchen
The kitchen can be headache central if you attempt to pack it without a plan. It really doesn’t matter what the size of your kitchen is — the process will take a lot of preparation and careful handling.  You’ve got the fragile items, tables, chairs, major appliances, minor appliances, and more. If the thought of all of this makes you stressed, read the tips below.  You can actually turn the dreaded kitchen pack into a fairly simple process.

Glasses and Breakables:

The very first step is to take care of the drinking glasses and other major breakables, like plates and bowls. Get really familiar with bubble wrap — you’ll want to thoroughly wrap everything in it. There’s really no shortcut to the number of boxes you’ll use — you don’t want to cheap out by trying to stuff everything into only a couple of boxes. If you do, your stuff will end up broken. My best advice is this: get boxes with compartments and pack the fragile items carefully. Glass items go in their own boxes, plates and bowls in their own boxes. Remember that bowls can carry other items in them. When you’re done, mark the boxes as fragile and get them out of the house.

Drawers and Shelves:

If you have a lot of drawers and shelves in your kitchen, you probably have a lot of stuff you don’t use. Now is the time to grab the trash can and throw things away. If you have a ton of non-perishable food that you know you’ll never use, get it in a box and donate it to your local food bank. There’s no sense in having it all sit in your next home for another 10 years!

Silverware can be tricky to pack. Make sure all the silverware is pointing the same way, and wrap it up before you pack it in a box.  If you have a silverware box instead, use it!

Appliances and Large Items:

Life in the fridge.
Smaller items like toaster ovens and microwaves are fairly simple to move. Put each item in a padded box and move it out — that way you won’t be killing yourself with really heavy boxes later. But what about the fridge, dishwasher, chairs, table, etc.? You’ll want to use the proper moving dolly. Make sure you go through the right process to moving any appliance. You’ll want to clean it thoroughly, defrost it, etc. And if you’re lifting heavy items, you’ll want to read this.

Miscellaneous Items

You might have a kitchen with random items you’re unsure how to pack. These are three of the most common items I come across: cleaning supplies (Windex, floor cleaner), wine, and storage containers. The first thing I do is use any containers to my advantage. Put items in them because it will save you space. For wine and liquor, use a divided box and wrap the items very well. For cleaning supplies, chuck what you never use. Then give the remaining items their own box. You wouldn’t want your plates and silverware to stink of cleaning supplies.

As with anything moving related, the better you plan, the better your move will go. Good luck!

Eric is the owner of J&L Moving Supplies. You can find him on , Facebook or Twitter, so be sure to connect with him!