The Benefits of Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

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If your company has a warehouse, you know that things get expensive. Buying new equipment can put a significant dent in the company’s budget. But what about buying used? It often has a bad connotation in other industries – how are you really going to know what you’re getting? Will the equipment be safe? Those are reasonable questions, but luckily, buying used warehouse equipment is a safe option. And lets be real, as soon as new equipment goes in a warehouse, it’s used. Just like how you drive a new car off the lot and the value drops instantly. So, here are some benefits and tips of buying used warehouse equipment!

Equipment Lasts Forever

Well, not really forever. But most warehouse equipment will last a very long time. I’m mostly talking about storage equipment (ex: pallet racks), because they’re designed to be incredibly durable. When you get into machinery (ex: forklifts), it’s a different story, but not necessarily bad. Storage equipment can get passed on for a very long time – sometimes, even longer than the span of a couple businesses’ lives.

Rare Equipment

Warehouse equipment is similar to a lot of things in life – just because it’s newer, doesn’t mean it’s better. Designs change on certain equipment, and you might like a specific forklift design that’s 10 years old. Or perhaps you noticed a certain conveyor in another warehouse, and the owner assured you it’s a quality purchase. Whatever you’re buying, just make sure you inspect it properly, which we’ll discuss in a bit.

Save That Money!

It’s pretty obvious that when you buy used equipment, you’re going to save money. But it also means you can buy more of it. More storage space and more moving equipment leads to business expansion. And if you don’t have the means to do that right now, you can put the saved money back into other parts of your business. Or use it for the holidays!

Buying Tips

Just because buying used warehouse equipment can be safe and affordable, doesn’t mean it always is. It’s the same as anything else; you want to do your research. First, make sure that the equipment you’re buying will be useful for your business. Consider equipment that could possibly be used two ways. Then, make sure you see the equipment in person. You can often buy used equipment over the phone or online, but you can never be sure it’s exactly what you’re expecting. Also in person, you can have it professionally inspected. And when you think you’re about to make a good purchase, check a few more things. Is the seller reputable? Will my employees and I know how to use this equipment? And is it smart to buy a lot of equipment at once, or should I wait? Once you have all of these questions answered properly, you’re well on your way to a good looking, profitable warehouse.

Eric is the owner of J&L Moving Supplies. You can find him on , Facebook or Twitter, so be sure to connect with him!